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Answers to some of the many questions we get from customers. 


To better help you navigate the process after your accident here are some answers to some questions you may have.

Why do I need to pay a deductible?

Your deductible is a part of the cost of an accident that you agree to pay when you buy insurance. Think of it like your copay on your medical insurance. 

Who do I pay the deductible to?

The deductible is paid to the repair shop. 

When do I get a rental?

Unless your vehicle is not drivable, you should wait till we schedule you for repairs before picking up a rental.

Who will write my estimate?

Both your insurance and we will write you an estimate. Together with the insurance we will review the estimates and come to an agreement on payment.

When do I drop my vehicle off for repairs?

Once we receive a parts deposit and order parts we will call you with a schedule for your vehicle.

How long will it take to complete the repairs?

Each vehicle will be a little different. Depending upon the damage and reliability of the suppliers; repairs will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Most minor damage is up to a week, Major damage can take weeks sometimes. 

Why do I need to pay a parts deposit?

A deposit signifies a commitment from you as the customer. This allows us to proceed with confidence, knowing that you are committed to the repair process. It helps us manage our inventory and resources more efficiently. 

What is a supplement?

While we strive to write a complete estimate at the beginning, sometimes we find additional damage after the vehicle is completely tore down. At this point we write an additional estimate and send it your insurance. Supplements are then  paid by the insurance.

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